1. Use a copy of this form for accepting spirit scores
  2. Copy and paste the response spreadsheet URL into the URL entry box (Google Sheets URL here...).
  3. Click Calculate Ranks
  4. Profit!

See the how-to page for more detailed instructions for using the app. There's also a gif animation here.


Scores here are being calculated from these responses

Copying and using the form template

  • Make a copy of the response sheet by navigating to File > Make a copy.... (NOTE: You need to be signed into your Google account)
  • Delete all the old responses collected in the spreadsheet. Use Delete rows option to ensure new results are added to the top of the spreadsheet.
  • From the copied spreadsheet, open the Google form by navigating to Tools > Manage Form > Edit form
  • Edit the form, as required
    • Change title, teams, etc.
      • Adding teams in alphabetical order helps make it easier to find teams
      • Copy pasting a list of names works correctly, when creating team name options
      • Add any new questions if required
      • Do NOT change the existing questions
  • Share the form URL of this edited form, to collect responses. If you have already collected responses using a "slightly" different form, you can use it, as long as it has all the required columns and is viewable by anybody with the URL.
  • Go to Step #2 above, after responses have been collected


In Indian Ultimate, SOTG winners are announced in the presentation ceremony immediately after the finals of a tournament.

Spirit Directors feel immense pressure to double check the scores and calculations and decide the winners in a short interval of time. Often they are also playing in a tournament and it is a distraction from the games, especially towards the end of the tournament.

This app automates the data processing and calculations to eliminate human errors and also to free up mind-space for tournament Spirit Directors.

The app also lets Spirit Directors share Spirit scores with the teams through out a tournament. Teams can see scores for all the games that they have already self-scored. This lets teams adjust their behavior based on feedback.

You should use this tool if you want to

  1. eliminate human errors
  2. avoid worrying about calculating spirit ranks under a crazy time pressure
  3. easily identify the teams to nudge to fill up the scores
  4. share spirit scores with teams through out a tournament